• Danny Speirs

Why I Have Started

Seems weird, having a website in my name.

Especially when my following is more or less non-existent.

But, here we are, and here is how we got here:

Back in 2019 I decided to take a plunge into self-employment. As a recent-ish graduate, I was well aware of the difficulties that surrounded employment within professional sport. Not only that, but I always had bit of an entrepreneurial side to me (or I like to believe I did). Whether it was selling cigarettes at school (sorry mum) or flipping frozen ready meals I'd gotten my hands on for free in bulk from M&S in my first year at university.

Going cold turkey (quitting my job with zero clients) forced me into a corner, I had to make it work. And I did. I was proud to begin working with the Leeds Rhinos Women Squad, the netball team, Hunslet RLFC, Yorkshire Diamonds Pathways, amongst some 1-2-1 clients.

2020 was looking even more promising, lecturing at university brought in another side to my day to day that I really enjoyed. Then....


Lockdown hit us all hard. Even more so for those #Excluded from any financial support from the government, simply because we had gone self-employed at the wrong time (I actually have years prior where I have made full tax and national insurance contributions, but this wasn't enough).

So once again, I found myself backed in to a corner. Slowly losing all of the teams I had worked with and relied on for income. Nobody could of ever foreseen this, but you soon realise how insignificant you are to peoples plans and worries. In some cases, a 2 minute phone call was all it took to be told there was no longer the finances for my role - 3 years of success over in 2 minutes. In others, I was lead down a bit of stray path of broken promises.

Anyway, back to why I started

At times, employment seemed the only way out. The idea of being given a set, guaranteed income was not only the safe option, but was it also the sensible one? And being completely honest I went for jobs, getting down to the last 3 in a few, never hearing back from some, and being offered a couple. But it never felt right. Deep down, I felt that it would be 'it'. I'd work, keep my head down and plod on. When in reality, I am a bit of a risk taker, I'm creative, and like to be in control.


Here we are now....

At the start of lockdown I started Parfournen, an online coaching academy predominantly for rugby athletes around the world. I have built a strong community quickly, with social followings of around 10,000, an email list of 4000, and a growing listing of athletes signed up. Although I lost my way a little bit with my 'employment blip', I'm excited to see where I can take it.

But, in bigger news, I'm an opening a gym. In a pandemic, with restrictions still in place. However, the stars have aligned, and the location and people involved means it would be silly to not give this a full go. I've always wanted my own space. Now is my chance.

And thats the aim of this site and my social channels. To document the growth of not only 180 Sports Performance, but also Parfournen, and wherever these businesses may take me.


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